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How do I take care of my new tattoo or piercing?



  1. Keep the new tattoo site bandaged for up to 2 hours.

  2. Wash your hands prior to removing bandage or touching the site.

  3. Carefully remove bandage and gently wash the entire area with a mild liquid soap and cool water, using the pads of your fingertips.  DO NOT USE A WASHCLOTH and DO NOT USE BAR SOAP.

  4. Air dry or gently pat the area dry using a clean towel, and apply a very thin coat of Envy Ink AFTERCARE.

  5. Wash the area 2 – 3 times per day (being careful to not dry out the area too much).  Apply the ointment after every washing and up to 4 – 5 times per day.  Only apply a thin layer of Envy Ink AFTERCARE – you want the area to ‘breathe’.

  6. Do not re-bandage the area, and don’t let clothing stick to the fresh tattoo.  This can damage the tattoo.

  7. Avoid sunburn and avoid soaking the area in water (baths, swimming, hot tub, etc.) until the area is completely healed.

  8. In the event that mild scabbing occurs, DO NOT pick at or attempt to ‘wash off’ the scabs.  Allow the scabs to slough off naturally.

  9. During healing, the colors in your tattoo may look ‘hazy’ or not as bright as they did when it was first applied.  Do not be alarmed.  It is a normal course of healing and will clear up in a few short weeks.

  10. We highly recommend that you call us before changing your healing regiment.  WE are the professionals – taking advice from friends on how to heal a tattoo can be severely damaging to the outcome of your tattoo and will certainly void any free touch-up warrantees with Envy Ink.

  11. If you have any adverse reaction, please visit us for a diagnosis BEFORE showing your doctor.  Doctors HATE tattoos and often misdiagnose normal healing as an infection, prescribing medicines that may ruin your tattoo.  Failure to get our opinion first will void any free touch-up warrantee with Envy Ink.




  1. Flush the piercing for 5 minutes each day in the shower (unless you use well water) or with saline solution.

  2. Clean all piercing holes with antiseptic swabs once per day (if this becomes irritating, cut down to once every other day).

  3. Do not ‘play’ with the jewelry during healing – it increases your chances of infection and can cause trauma, prolonging the healing process.

  4. Take care not to snag your jewelry on your clothes, hair brush, etc.  This may cause trauma, prolonging the healing process.

  5. If inflammation occurs, ibuprofen can help.

  6. Do not apply additional products to your piercing without first talking with your piercer.



Healing time for tattoos and piercings varies from person to person.  The rate of infection is minimal if the aftercare is followed appropriately.  It is very important to remember to NOT TOUCH the tattooed/pierced site without first washing your hands.  Normal body reactions to tattoos/piercings may include: redness, swelling, and/or minor discomfort at the site.  If after 48 hours more severe complications occur (increased redness, increased swelling, pus-like drainage, onset of fever, prolonged pain at the site, or respiratory difficulty, contact your personal physician.



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