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Walk-in hours

for piercings, jewelry sales, & jewelry changes:

Thursday: 12noon-8pm

Friday: 12noon-8pm

Saturday: 12noon-8pm

General Rules:

*Bring a valid ID

*When you get to the shop, TEXT (740) 441-8282 with your name and the piercing you want, and we will TEXT you when it is your turn to come in!  (example: Jane Smith, Bellybutton piercing)

*Wear a MASK over your MOUTH AND NOSE, and please come ALONE.

Minor Rules:

* We do NOT pierce anyone under 18 years old.


All prices include tax, jewelry, & aftercare.

Want more than one? Ask about our discount!

Two Ear Lobes: $60

Cartilage: $60

Industrial: $65

Nostril: $60

Septum: $65

Bridge: $75

Lip: $60

Tongue: $60

Eyebrow: $60


Navel: $60

Two Nipples: $90

VCH: $90

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